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In 1978 in order to provide services in survey office İÇEL HARİTA Engineering was established by Fikret NERGİZ in Mersin.

Since its founding in Turkey, it provided nearly hundred major projects in map engineering services to the government and the private sector organizations.

First in the government sector in 1982, the company's mapping studies began with the General Directorate of Iller Bankası. In this foundation as a mapping,
22.133 hectares and 28 project in total has been delivered. In the early 90s State Highways Authority branch of the Expropriation began to award jobs to theprivate sector. In this way İÇEL HARİTA Ltd. served close to 40 projects by the year of 1992. At the beginning of 2000, The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster with the aim to speed up cadaster facilities began to contract with private sector. İÇEL HARİTA Ltd. has delivered many projects to this government agency.

İÇEL HARİTA Ltd. and Engineering office has been registered as İÇEL HARİTA Ltd. engineering Industry and Trade Co. in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1994.

In 2004, After evaluation of the TURKISH LOYD TÜRKAK approved company, it qualified for ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certificate and continues to provide uninterrupted service to the present.

In 2010, İÇEL HARİTA Ltd. has consolidated its position in the sector as legitimate by registering its brand to the Turkish Patent Institute.

By following developing technology, İÇEL HARİTA Ltd. services reliable with its experienced and strong staff competent in it's field.



Having maximum quality of service provided within the framework of rules and laws related to surveying engineering is our main goal with our personnel.Our company aims continuous improvement by applying ISO-9001 Quality Management System in customer satisfaction.


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